New Arrival! Ford Transit LWB Freezer + Chiller Van

Alley Cat is proud to offer a brand new 2015 Ford Transit LWB Freezer + Chiller Van for hire. The van is fully equipped with a sealed large lighted rear compartment, adjustable chiller divider, temperature control, and electrical hook up (lead supplied). The supplied adjustable chiller divider allows you turn the rear section of the van into a chiller, while still having the front section used as a freezer.  Freezer temperature can be controlled with a thermostat located in the cabin, and the chiller section can be controlled with an integrated thermostat on the divider. This gives you independent temperature controls allowing you to change temperatures of freezer and chiller independently of one another. The divider can also be removed if not needed, allowing you to turn the entire rear compartment into a freezer or chiller. This van is ready for all your freezer + chiller needs. Call us today for a free quote.