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Wheelchair Access Vehicle Rental

Here at Alley Cat, we pride ourselves on being to offer our customers the right vehicles to suit any number of specific needs – whether they’re commercial or personal. Our wheelchair access vehicles are no exception, offering a truly flexible way to drive – ideal for individuals with wheelchair-bound family members, care homes, schools or community support groups.

Offering both rear access for wheelchairs and side access for passengers, our vehicles are large enough to accommodate additional passengers as well – making these models ideal for all kinds of transportation, from essential transport for care or simply personal trips away. Whatever your requirements might be, our specialist wheelchair access vehicles will provide what you need.

Book Online or Visit Us Direct

Whether it’s just for a one-off trip, or over the course of a few days, just get in touch with Alley Cat today and we can arrange a rental package that suits you. We can talk you through vehicle availability, size, specification and pricing – just call or visit your local Alley Cat location or email us your enquiry through our website.

Visit our contact page for directions on how to find both our Cambridge and Harlow locations, as well as our online enquiry form. Browse our full range of available vehicles, including wheelchair access vehicles, instantly across our website.